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The standardisation of our management, continuous improvement and innovation processes guarantee our ability to meet your requirements. We have been ISO 9001 certified since 1997 and an Authorised Economic Operator - AEO since 2011.
Committed to the customer, expertise, impetus and experience in the business are our DNA.
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We foster the development of long-term and honest relations with customers, suppliers and associates.
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At MARÍTIMA CONSIFLET, our individuals and teams are able to make the most appropriate decision in every instance.
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Maritime transport line between La Coruña and Casablanca
Maritime transport line between La Coruña and Casablanca
Marítima Consiflet has been operating for the last ten years a regular maritime transport line for conventional merchandise from La Coruña to Casablanca (Morocco) with a frequency of one ship every 6-8 weeks, managing to respond to the important demand for exports to Morocco. The line uses multipurpose vessels with a tonnage that ranges between...
Marítima Consiflet joins the EXPONAV Foundation´s Board
Marítima Consiflet joins the EXPONAV Foundation´s Board
MARÍTIMA CONSIFLET signs a collaboration agreement with the EXPONAV FOUNDATION, the Foundation for the Promotion of Knowledge of Shipbuilding and Maritime Entities, thus becoming a member of the Foundation. The main objective of the collaboration agreement is to collaborate with the dissemination of the past and present of shipbuilding through the Ferrol Shipbuilding Museum and...
The Untold Stories exhibition by Peter Lindbergh in the Port of A Coruña
The Untold Stories exhibition by Peter Lindbergh in the Port of A Coruña
Containers provided by Marítima Consiflet in Peter Lindbergh’s Untold Stories exhibition Peter Lindbergh, the Polish photographer who portrayed the soul of women such as Tina Turner, Linda Evangelista, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawforfd, … shows his posthumous exhibition at the Battery Dock, in the Port of A Coruña. For the exhibition, over 2,000 m2,...


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