Marítima Consiflet joins the EXPONAV Foundation´s Board

28 January, 2022by MARITIMA CONSIFLET

MARÍTIMA CONSIFLET signs a collaboration agreement with the EXPONAV FOUNDATION, the Foundation for the Promotion of Knowledge of Shipbuilding and Maritime Entities, thus becoming a member of the Foundation.

The main objective of the collaboration agreement is to collaborate with the dissemination of the past and present of shipbuilding through the Ferrol Shipbuilding Museum and support in the maintenance of the FOUNDATION’s Technical Library.

The EXPONAV FOUNDATION, made up, among others, of the Navy-Ministry of Defence, the Xunta de Galicia, the Ferrol City Council, the Association of Naval and Oceanic Engineers of Spain.

The Shipbuilding Museum was created by the EXPONAV Foundation, with the purpose of serving as a meeting place between society, industry and the scientific community to disseminate the development of shipbuilding techniques and the materials used.

The Museum has museum and documentary collections of maritime and industrial heritage of great value, since they constitute a unique collection in its field that allows knowing the development of military and civil naval construction in Spain from the 18th century to the present day, emphasizing the role played by Ferrol in this field.


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