Maritime transport line between La Coruña and Casablanca

4 February, 2022by MARITIMA CONSIFLET

Marítima Consiflet has been operating for the last ten years a regular maritime transport line for conventional merchandise from La Coruña to Casablanca (Morocco) with a frequency of one ship every 6-8 weeks, managing to respond to the important demand for exports to Morocco.

The line uses multipurpose vessels with a tonnage that ranges between 2,400 and 4,500 tons. and volumes of up to 4,600 m3. The ships are very flexible and accept a wide variety of cargoes: per unit, palletized, big bags, special project parts, … They also accept IMO dangerous cargoes and SOC containers (shipper-owned container)

The service is direct from La Coruña to Casablanca with an estimated transit time of 2.5 days and, optionally, includes the possibility of calling at any other port en route with Morocco under “inducement”.

The closest Moroccan market

Morocco, with approximately 35 million inhabitants, is the fifth largest economy on the African continent, it is the first Spanish trading partner in Africa and it also acts as a true “Gateway to Africa” for the Spanish exporter who wants to access the sub-Saharan market. The industrial development of the country and the different trade agreements are favoring the growth of trade between Morocco and Europe, with Spain being the main trading partner in this relationship.

Morocco has established itself as the main African destination for exports from Galicia and Castilla y León, with Casablanca being the axis that pivots the economic activity of the country, which is concentrated on the coastline formed by Casablanca, Rabat and Tanger. The sea route to Casablanca, operated by Marítima Consiflet, provides an outlet for conventional cargo exports from the north-west of the peninsula, which see the Alawite country as one of its main markets.

Sectors such as construction, renewable energy, capital goods, industrial raw materials, agricultural equipment are experiencing significant growth.

The La Coruña-Casablanca regular shipping line allows construction products to be placed in Morocco, such as bulk, wooden boards, steel, tubes or metal structures. Also special parts for major renewable energy projects under development and agricultural equipment, fertilizers, etc.

The commercial exchange between Spain and Morocco is two-way and Spanish companies also have a maritime connection to import Moroccan products such as fruit, textiles, electrical cables, motors, among others.

For this maritime transport service with Casablanca Marítima, Consiflet uses a combined fleet of three ships that provide a regular and flexible service that enables the development of customized tailored solutions. With this regular maritime transport line for conventional merchandise from La Coruña to Casablanca, the Moroccan market is much closer.


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