Regular lines

We represent some of the leading shipping lines worldwide.

Shipping agency

A global team committed to your interests wherever you operate. A predictable, uniform and excellent service.
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HUB Solutions

We handle the management of all your stopovers so that you can exclusively focus on running your business worry free.


Reliable and efficient logistics services to anywhere in the world.
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Extensive experience in managing charter contracts for routes or time periods.
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Risk management

New services for new needs in order to minimise your business risk.
Committed to the customer, expertise, impetus and experience in the business are our DNA.
Long-term relations
We foster the development of long-term and honest relations with customers, suppliers and associates.
Streamlining and flexibility
At MARÍTIMA CONSIFLET, our individuals and teams are able to make the most appropriate decision in every instance
Risk management and compliance of the latest regulations in all areas.
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We provide detailed information you need, at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Total coverage
Full coverage of all major Tanker ports and terminals.
Professional team
Specialized support team. Great knowledge in different sectors, operations and vessels


A global company providing logistics and maritime services.