Risk management

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Risk management

Increased international freight movement has led to new business opportunities that, consequently, have increased the business risk level.

Therefore, Risk Management is an essential tool to identify, analyse and assess those situations that may have a negative impact in order to minimise the potential losses that the organisation has to face.

Any interruption to the supply chain may seriously affect the company’s profit & loss account and the relationship with its customers. The possible drawbacks can include increased operational costs, a worsening of the company’s reputation or brand, or the direct loss of customers.

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New services

In this context, Marítima Consiflet provides:
A RISK MANAGEMENT service and, if you so wish...
INSURING the identified risks.


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The source identified.
The source identified of the risk situations in the logistics chain.
Preventive measures adopted.
Preventive measures adopted in those aspects that act as "risk triggers" in order to correct or keep them under control.
Greater awareness
Greater awareness of the risk as a key factor in the decision making in the organisation overall.
Cover and cost
Adapt the cover and transfer cost to the insurance sector.
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