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Our 24/7 cover guarantees that a MARÍTIMA CONSIFLET agent will be looking after your business at every instance.

Port agency

Global agency solutions with local experience. A transpartent, reliable service, tailor-made to your needs and with predictable results.

Ship's agent

Comprehensive port agency services implemented by experience staff, subject to high first-rate operating standards and with extensive knowledge of local and operational specifications of each port and port authority.
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We are an organisation that seeks to provide a first-rate transparent service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by supplying our customers the correct and detailed information they need at any given moment.
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We have offices at all Galician ports and the main Spanish ports. We rely on our trusted local partners to help you where we do not have a direct presence, according to our safety and quality standards.
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Other Services

Protecting agency
STS operations
Husbandry work
Crew changes
Medical services
Cargo Inspections
Customs clearance


24/7 tailor-made service
Responding to changing conditions in each situation
Local information on each of the ports where we operate
Tailoring services to the needs of our customers

What makes us stand out

Experienced professionals
Extensive knowledge of different sectors, operations and vessels
Transparent proceses
Strong connections with the port authorities at the ports where we operate


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