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MARITIMA CONSIFLET, S.A. (hereinafter MARITIMA CONSIFLET) has its corporate headquarters in 15006 La Coruña at Cuesta de la Palloza, 1 – Entlo. (Spain) We can be contacted by telephone on +34 981 175 690 or at the following e-mail address: comercial@nullmconsiflet.com


Access and users

By accessing the www.mconsiflet.com website you acquire the status of a “User” and as such expressly accept in full and without reservation all the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE set out here, without prejudice to any particular terms and conditions that may be applicable should any User wish to contract any of the goods and services on offer.



MARITIMA CONSIFLET reserves the right to modify, extend or temporarily suspend the presentation, configuration, technical specifications, content and services of this website at any time on a unilateral basis and with no obligation to give prior notice to Users.

MARITIMA CONSIFLET also reserves the right to change these terms and conditions of use any any other particulars contained on the website www.mconsiflet.com at any time.



MARITIMA CONSIFLET assures that all content and services offered via www.mconsiflet.com comply with the principle of human dignity, the principle of non discrimination on grounds of race, sex, religion, opinion, nationality, disability or any other personal or social circumstance, and the principle of youth and child protection.


Terms & conditions of use

The user undertakes to make good use of the content and services at www.mconsiflet.com, and not to use same for any unlawful purpose or any purpose that may be contrary to public order, national defence or public health. All use of the said content and services by the User must be in accordance with the principles listed in the foregoing paragraph.


Intellectual & industrial property

The intellectual and industrial property rights to the content of the www.mconsiflet.com website, its graphic design, programming code, trade names, brands and distinctive marks are owned by MARITIMA CONSIFLET unless otherwise indicated therein.

Any reproduction, distribution, sale or modification of the said contents without the express consent of their owners constitutes a breach of intellectual and industrial property rights protected by law.


Exclusions from warranties and liability

The www.mconsiflet.com website is accessed and used under the sole, exclusive liability of the User.
MARITIMA CONSIFLET offers no warranty and accepts no liability for damage of any kind that may be due to the following circumstances:

  • Failure of the www.mconsiflet.com website to operate continuously, or incorrect operation of websites.
  • Failure of the services and content offered on www.mconsiflet.com to meet the results and expectations of the User in terms of utility, suitability or validity.
  • The presence of any virus or program in the computer of the user or the presence of any virus in services provided by third parties via www.mconsiflet.com.
  • Any knowledge on the part of unauthorised third parties of the type, conditions, characteristics and circumstances of the access and use by the User of the website and the information and services thereon.
  • Loss of business, loss of use, loss of profit, loss of data, indirect, secondary, special or contingent damage arising from access to or use of the services contained on the website or located within its scope under any circumstances, including negligence.


English translation

All information and documents available in English on this website are provided for information purposes only. Should there be any discrepancy between the English translation and the original Spanish wording, the latter will prevail.

Applicable legislation & jurisdiction

These terms and conditions of use are governed by the provisions of Spanish law.

Should there be any discrepancy or dispute concerning the construal or application of these terms and conditions of use or the content of this website, in general, the User expressly waives any other jurisdictional rights to which he/she may be entitled and agrees to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of the location where MARITIMA CONSIFLET has its corporate headquarter.


A global company providing logistics and maritime services.



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